The Twin Paradox – Tintin style

Twin paradox-tintin style.bmp

          The effects of dilation of time

          Are magical, strange, and sublime.

          In your frame, this verse,

          Which you’ll see is not terse,

          Can be read in the same amount of time

          it takes someone else in another frame to read a similar sort of rhyme.

                                            ~David Morin

Notes and clarifications:

-This is just a very simple explanation of the ‘paradox’ and not  an explanation of relativity/time dilation for the lay man -drop a message and I’ll recommend books/links for a better understanding
-Apologies for the unclear graphics and small writing, will improve this later. Click to enlarge comic.
-I know it would make more  sense if Thomson  aged less ie, if the rest of them were older (this would be correct since we are observing from earth’s frame of reference), but Herge never drew them older, so why should I? Sorry for the confusion.
-ThomPson and Thomson- very similar names and hence very confusing. As a professor of mine often said, don’t be enslaved by the symbols. This is Tintin style- what did you expect – Alice and Bob?



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