Konkan Mist, Recheado Fish, and Bells of the Angelus – Snapshots of Goa

Konkan Mist, Recheado Fish, and Bells of the Angelus;
Where the wind whispers my name;
And the waves gently kiss.

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Goa 2017

Day 1
From fresh Pao in the morning to Mandovi’s nightlife
Cackle of the fish market building my appetite
Quaint lanes, sleepy cats, and colourful cottages in the Latin quarter
Churches of Baroque and Goth washed upon the Konkan waters

Day 2
Ferries and buses to get to Nuptial mass
Uncles and aunts, all ready to dance
Sor Potel, Xacuti, Prawn curry and Bebinca
Accompanied by good music, one idea of Nirvana

Day 3
Bike rides through the country side
Houses, schools, chapels and forts
The setting sun with cousins seated close-by
Watching the sea slowly melt into sky

Day 4
Ancestral Goa and the old ways of life
Bhangra, Bombay Duck, Tisrios…what’s not to like
Easy chairs, fruit from the yard, and Susegad afternoon naps
Mute the phone, ignore the clock and fold away the maps

Day 5
Saintly bodies, convents and cathedrals
Luso-Indian architecture, religious statues and murals
In the vicinity salts pans, paddy fields and coconut trees
They seem to come together in beautiful symphonies

Day 6
Beaches with big rocks and beaches with soft sands
Rough waters that thrash at your face and serene ones that caress your hands
Some hidden treasures yet to be discovered by the rest of humanity
If I’d spent a little more time, I’d probably grow gills and gain some sanity

Day 7
Playing with baby crabs and then letting them go
Fish Thali under coconut trees leaves you wanting for more
Rolling in carpets of sea shells, what fun
Like rava coated beings under the sizzling summer sun

Day 8
The bed a 10-minute-walk away from the shore
Weekly markets, the opposite of a bore
Feeling the night wind run through my hair
And the season’s first rain answering many prayers

Day 9
The neighbourhood chapel filled with the sweet melodies of an ageing violinist
Then watching fishermen pull in their morning catch, its back to business
Exploring old forts and imagining past glories
Meeting old Brothers as they narrate local legends and share happy stories


Konkan Mist, Recheado Fish, and Bells of the Angelus
Where the wind whispers my name
And the waves gently kiss



– A big thank-you to Uncles, Aunts and Cousins in Panjim, Parra, Porvorim and Calangute who made my stay so very memorable :D

– Photographs taken on Moto G4 Play. Do not use photographs without prior permission from the author


2 responses to “Konkan Mist, Recheado Fish, and Bells of the Angelus – Snapshots of Goa

  1. Dear [naiadseye] the stunning writer, literally transports the readers to those melancholy days of the past which definitely makes us oldies proud of Goa. You undoubtedly brings back fond memories, it enables the youngsters to know Goa actually was in the past and ponder upon what it needs today. Excellent photos also.


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