About me:

I dabble pens in inkpots and brushes in paints to put to paper what my mind imagines. My fingers dance over the keys of a piano, prance about the strings of a guitar, and try to cajole melodies out of a violin. I like the smell of books with yellowed pages when I can get my hands on them, when I can’t I resort to flickering screens. My eyes open wide staring at nature in admiration. Getting past complicated equations does add to their beauty too. I’d rather be lost in thought than engage in small talk. I like to question. Answers make my curious grey cells happy.

I’m twenty-something, fluttering about life, attempting to increase my understanding of the hows and the whys of world we live in. I have a degree in Physics and another in the Liberal Arts. I don’t completely  know what I am doing, but I hope to find and create some symphony amidst the cacophony.

More about me? – follow the blog and pick up the hints!

About naiadseye:

Why naiadseye? According to Greek mythology, a naiad is a nymph associated with water bodies. A  nymph is a minor female divine spirit who presides over nature. This blog is a commentary of some of the things I find interesting, as seen through my eye.

Why read naiadseye? Here you’ll find posts on a variety of topics ranging from travel and physics to books and music.So if you aren’t too interested in one, scroll down a bit – something may just catch your eye. Or maybe push those boundaries, delve into something you haven’t really paid attention to before. Whichever way, I hope it’s time well spent.

Happy reading :)

-Nymphea M. N.nymphea .

If you’d like to contact the author, you may comment below or write in at naiadseye@gmail.com


10 responses to “About

  1. Hi Naiadseye, I would like to use your blogpost, “THE USE OF NON-EUCLIDEAN GEOMETRY IN ART” for a school report on non-euclidean geometry in art. May I use you as a source and if so how would you like your post cited? Thank you! -KayPen


  2. searching for the explanation of Barnett Newman’s Euclydian death: this essay helped me. perhaps you like one essay from me, in Axon Journal issue 9 (Assemblage, p4 of content). “Assemblages: the entrails explained”


    • At the time of this post, wordpress records show 9,99,77,630 wordpress sites in the world, with each blogger undoubtedly believing that his/her blog is different from the rest!


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